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Shropshire County Council [Shropshire Council since April 2009] took over the responsibility for the limeworks site from the Bradford Estate. Up to the takeover, the conservation policy was to keep the public out. One of the early actions of the county council was to carry out repairs to the Hoffman chimney and put a waterproof skin on the roof of the kiln..

Over the years the council has very successfully managed the surrounding woodland. This is carried out by the council’s rangers, who are based in Ellesmere.

The area now has very well surfaced walkways which take the visitor around the immediate area. Larch trees have been replaced by native trees and this has led to the natural  regeneration of native plants on  the woodland floor. The native trees were planted  by the community to mark the Queen’s golden jubilee.

The country have produced an excellent guide to walks around the Llanymynech Heritage Area. This is one of many walks the county has produced. The guide to the Llanymynech area is ‘The Hoffman Hike’. Click the title ‘Hoffman Hike’ to see the guide

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Visit the Shropshire Council web site for more info on walks and the work of the council.

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