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Mr Jon Clarke of Chester has kindly shared photos from a recently acquired photo collection.
One of the photos is shown below and is followed with a classic piece of his work as a history detective!
The photo was taken on Llanymynech station on Maundy Thursday, 1911when the first train of the Shropshire and Montgomeryshire Railway arrived

S&MR opening day at Llanymynech TR Perkins and FE Fox-Davies senior lower right

Mr Clarke writes:

Firstly F E Fox-Davies is Frank E Fox-Davies, confirmed in an old railway article.

Of major interest and significance, I have found out who the original owner of my collection of old F E Fox-Davies photographs was.  Someone at the Colonel Stephens Museum of the Kent & East Sussex Railway visited the Public Record Office in Kew and came away with some samples of handwriting for me that match the annotations on my collection. When F E F-D took the photos in 1902/3 he was with a small party including Richard Reeves (of the Potteries Shrewsbury & North Wales Railway). E L Morton (from Kinnerley) G Perkins (from Knighton who also took some photos) and his brother T R Perkins, the Henley-in-Arden pharmacist and renowned railway historian. TRP then had a significant article published in the Railway Magazine in 1903 following the visit. Its publication renewed interest in reopening the line and this came about in 1911 as a direct result of the article.

TRP returned for the reopening as an invited guest (a sample of his handwriting came from the note he made and signed on the back of his invite) and F E F-D took more photos of the line. The Colonel Stephens Museum sent me a photo taken by apparently Frank E F-D of the opening day of the Shropshire & Montgomeryshire on Maundy Thursday 1911. Apparently in the lower right corner of the photo is T R Perkins himself, and Mr Fox-Davies Senior. The rest are civic leaders, wives, investors etc from Shrewsbury, Llanymynech and the area.

Miss Fox-Davies at Melverley in 1904 taken by F E Fox-Davies -650 px

Some more super detective work, regarding the photo on the left ,when Mr Clarke explains:

This photo was taken at Melverley bridge. The photo is annotated as being by Fox-Davies taken in 1904, and with "Miss Fox-Davies on stile".

I do not know who the lady is but have had some feedback from Les Darbyshire (of the Colonel Stephens Society) who looked up Fox-Davies in the census returns. He says that "going by the 1901 census for Llanymynech, the Miss Fox-Davies in your picture would be one of Frank's sisters. There are three to chose from; Florence who would have been 21 in 1904, Lucy who would have been 20 and Daisie who would have been 14. I would imagine it was one of the older two. Frank himself would have been 24 at the time, so she is definitely not his daughter. Mr Fox-Davies senior was Edwyn, proprietor of the shop ("Draper & Grocer &c" according to the census) and in the 1911 picture he would have been 56."

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