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Agendas and confirmed minutes of the Llanymynech and Pant Parish Council 

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23 February 2006

26 January 2006

23 March 2006




27 May 2006

28 April 2005 AGM

June mtg cancelled


27 July 2006

25 May 2006



28 Sept 2006

27 July 2006


28 Sept 2006







Minutes of the meeting held on the 26th January 2006 at Bryn Offa School, Pant commencing at 7.15pm

PRESENT:  Cllr. W. A. Brown (Chairman) Cllrs Mrs. J. Crosier, Mrs. D. Gaskill (part of meeting), L. Northcott-Hammond, M. Keaveny (arr. at 7.30pm)T. E. Mason (arr. at 7.30pm), I. G. Pollitt, Mrs. J. L. Smith and the Clerk Mrs. V. E. Byrne plus 3 members of the public.

06/01 APOLOGIES were received from Cllrs L. Griffiths, R. A. Jones, and P. McConville.06/02 DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST.  None.
06/03 POLICE REPORT    PC Dale was not present, so the item was deferred to next meeting.06/04   PLANNING  Permissions and refusals were read out:

  • Application No06/14203/OUT for erection of dwelling and new access at Ty Coch. If outside the development boundary, objection.
  • Application for the Nook Smelthouse Lane, Pant no comments.
  • Application for Holly Bank garage, no comments
  • LDF Issues and Options document was received and notice given of a Briefing meeting on the 30th January for two Councillors to attend with the Clerk.  The Chairman agreed to attend with the Clerk.

06/05   MINUTES of the meeting held on the 24th November 2005  were Proposed  by Cllr T. E. Mason and 2nd by Cllr Keaveny, Cllr Mrs. Crosier asked for item 05/124 to be corrected as her and Mr. Crosier’s letter handed to The Clerk was not sent as a complaint, but a report of what they had overheard.  Cllr Northcott Hammond suggested that the wording ‘report of complaints’ be inserted.  Members voted in favour of the Minutes and they were signed accordingly.

Llanfyllin High School pupils were still being collected by the phone box in Pant instead of the bus stop, agreed to remind the school about the problem. 
Rockwell Lane storm drain, the Div Surveyor promised to complete the work in the Autumn, but it is still not completed.

06/07   Item 7 County and Borough Council Report was deferred until Cllr Mrs. Gaskill’s arrival.

06/08    REPORTS  -

  • Parish Plan Report was given by Cllr Mrs. Crosier.  The Report had been collected from the Printers that afternoon and copies were distributed.  They would be delivered by hand as agreed with copies of the Broadband leaflet advertising the facility in Llanymynech Village Hall.  It was agreed that the Plan looked very professional.
  • HLF Community Project Report was given by Vivien Byrne.  Apologies had been received from all the people who had complained erroneously about the Heritage Sculpture and The Clerk had written an article for The Chronicle to print expressing the paper’s apologies, as requested by The Editor.  The website was now online as and the brochure would be published in February, there had been a delay with the second grant payment due to a mix up at HLF, but this was now resolved.  HLF had agreed to extend the Project to the 1st April as requested. The social history archive was progressing and a banner would be produced using the photographs taken plus a DVD.  Spending was in line with the budget, but the amount of hours worked on the Project had been far in excess of that estimated.
  • OBC Play Partnership  The Chairman reported on the meeting organised by Oswestry Borough Council following the offer of £200k from the Big Lottery to spend on play.  It was agreed to form a Borough wide Play Partnership and to attract additional funding.  The meeting was then opened to allow discussion with members of the public present.  Mrs. Sheila Dixon spoke about the s106 money to be allocated from the concrete works site development and Dave talked about the Youth Club.  It was agreed that Mrs. Dixon would consult the young children about play equipment and the Youth Club would be consulted by Dave, the Clerk would deliver her stock of play equipment brochures.   It was RESOLVED that the Council join the Borough Play Partnership and that Sheila Dixon attend the next meeting on the 22.2.06 and the next Parish Council meeting to report back.

Cllr Mrs. Gaskill joined the meeting at 8.45pm

06/09 PRECEPT  A Budget for 2006/07 had been circulated together with a  spreadsheet on Reserves.  The Clerk tabled a paper with recommendations  such as moving £1,000 from the Elections Reserve to the Play Equipment Reserve and a precept of £12,800 would be sufficient.  It was proposed and seconded with all in favour and therefore RESOLVED that £1,000 be moved from Election Reserve to Play Equipment Reserve and that a Precept of £12,800 be made for the year 2006/07.

06/10 DONATIONS  The Clerk read a letter from Oswestry Womens Aid which was an addition to the 4 requests already received, also the Council normally supported The Samaritans (who do not send annual requests for funding).  It was proposed that £20 be donated to each of the 6 organisations, this was seconded with all in favour.  RESOLVED to donate £20 each to Oswestry CAB, Oswestry Community Action, Severn Hospice, West Shropshire Talking Newspaper, Oswestry Womens Aid and The Samaritans.

06/11 COUNTY AND BOROUGH COUNCIL REPORT.  Cllr Mrs. Gaskill apologised for her late arrival due to another PC meeting at West Felton the same evening.   She reported that the County Council had been shortlisted for Council of the Year and had been awarded stars for many of it’s services, it is a high performing Council, so residents should see improvements in services.

  • The Budget will be set at the end of February.  It had been announced that David Milliband will be visiting the county to hear views on setting up an ‘all purpose structure’ (not Unitary).  The Government is studying Unitary structures for metropolitan areas, but have decided to look at rural areas and chosen Shropshire as a study for a different model.  The meeting will be by invitation and the PC’s will be represented by SALC.   The Borough Council Budget had been out to consultation and the sale of the Council housing stock is still under discussion.  The Planning Team will be visiting Pant M. I.  with the LDF consultation on the 28th February.  Cllr Mrs. Gaskill thanked Cllr Mrs. Crosier and her volunteers for their work on the Parish Plan.  A few residents  had approached her wishing to progress the Bypass for the village and were forming themselves into an Action Group called H.E.L.P. – Healthier Environment for Llanymynech and Pant and had asked for a flyer to be distributed with the Parish Plan, which was agreed.  Their next meeting will be on the 8th February in the Cross Keys, Llanymynech at 7pm.

06/12 CORRESPONDENCE was noted.

06/13  ROADS FOOTWAYS AND RIGHTS OF WAY  Cllr Mrs. Gaskill reported on discussions over FP8 with regard to the new development, also ground surveys are taking place on the site.  The repairs to the culvert opposite the Cross Guns is waiting until the other traffic lights on the A483 are removed, but it would help if Councillors rang the HA with requests for the work to be done.  It was reported that a BT post had been erected on the ROW  to Bank House and also the path is being blocked by building/landscaping work.  Agreed to report these matters.

06/14 VILLAGE MAINTENANCE AND OTHER VILLAGE MATTERS  The Clerk reported on the tree in the boundary hedge of the playing field which was causing Mr & Mrs. Roberts concern.  Agreed the Clerk to determine the ownership.  It was reported that Simon McLaughlin from Shropshire Wildlife Trust was leaving the area in March.  Agreed to send him a letter of thanks and good wishes.

06/15 STANDARDS OF CONDUCT: THE FUTURE  The document was circulated for Councillors, commencing with Cllr Terry Mason.

06/16  VILLAGE DESIGN STATEMENT  No further development; next Agenda.

06/17 ACCOUNTS  The following accounts were passed for payment:

644   K. D. Jones    750.00    Parish Plan Consultant PP

645   Jugs Restaurant    269.25    Christmas Lunch (recharged)

 646   Ordnance Survey     55.81    Map Licence LCP

647   V & W Electrics    428.95    Light Maint.x 2 & Repair 121.87.

 648   Clerks Society      84.00    Subscription

649    Scottish Power     174.56   Lighting energy 2 mnths.

650    RPS      286.00   Grounds Maintenance

651    V E Byrne     385.91    LCP, stationery & exp 7.44

652    SALC      121.00    LC Review and Parish Pump

653    Micro Plus      58.75    Antivirus etc. LCP


Vivien E. Byrne  Clerk                                                         Old Canal Cottage
SY10 8BJ

Tel: 01691 830853                                                                     

 Website –               Email –

A meeting of Llanymynech & Pant Parish Council will be held on Thursday, 23rd February  2006 at 7.15pm at Bryn Offa School, Pant.

Vivien E. Byrne (Clerk)



  1        APOLOGIES

  2        DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST  To receive declarations of personal and prejudicial interest on any item included on the agenda in accordance with Sections 50-52 LGA 2000 and Local Authorities (Model Code of Conduct England) Order 2001

3           POLICE REPORT for the Parish. 

 4         PLANNING for consideration as follows:
                                          No applications yet received.
                                         Report of meeting on Statement of LDF at OBC held on the 30th Jan.

 5        MINUTES  To confirm Minutes of the meeting held on the 26th January 2006 - attached.


7        REPORTS: as under
PLAY PARTNERSHIP MEETING – Mrs. Sheila Dixon to report.

  8       PARISH PLAN – Update and letter from Carreghofa CC

   9  COUNTY and BOROUGH COUNCIL REPORT.  Report from Cllr Mrs. Dilys Gaskill.      

10 SHROPSHIRE CC MINERAL & WASTE DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORK  Consultation on the preferred options draft

11       CORRESPONDENCE.  Parish Pump, SALC change of office, Oswestry Townscape Heritage Open Day Invitation, SCC Progress on Local Transport Plan, Invitation to Civic Dinner on 24.3.06.


13       VILLAGE MAINTENANCE AND OTHER VILLAGE MATTERS  To raise matters requiring repair, maintenance or attention by other Agencies. 


15 FINANCIAL MATTERS AND ACCOUNTS  To approve the following accounts for payment:

654   Qube   1500.00    DVD and Banner LCP

655   F. Triggs   1500.00    Signs LCP

656   MDP Supplies      60.00    Printer cartridges LCP

657   Viking Direct    653.35    Stationery & Display LCP

658   CAB       20.00     Donation

659   Osw Comm Action     20.00     Donation

660   Severn Hospice      20.00     Donation

 661   W. S. Talking Newspaper  20.00     Donation

662    Osw. Womens Aid     20.00     Donation

663   The Samaritans      20.00     Donation

664   St. Agatha’s PCC     84.00     Clock Maintenance.

665   V E Byrne  2575.00    Salary Jan – Mar & LCP

666   Osw B.C.    425.00    Litter Bin + emptying LCP

667   V & W Electrics    226.88    Jan Maint + Rhiew

668    Border Printers        Parish Plan printing



Vivien E. Byrne  Clerk                                                         Old Canal Cottage
SY10 8BJ

Tel: 01691 830853                                                                     

 Website –               Email –

A meeting of Llanymynech & Pant Parish Council will be held on Thursday, 23rd March 2006 at 7.00pm at Bryn Offa School, Pant.

Vivien E. Byrne (Clerk)


  1       APOLOGIES

   2      CARREGHOFA COMMUNITY COUNCIL  Meeting to discuss Village Design Statement, Play Committee, Village Competition and Burial Ground.

  3        DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST  To receive declarations of personal and prejudicial interest on any item included on the agenda in accordance with  Sections 50-52 LGA 2000 and Local Authorities (Model Code of Conduct England) Order 2001

  4        POLICE REPORT for the Parish. 

 5         PLANNING for consideration as follows:

 Refusal of The Beehive Pant, residential development

Refusal of Land adjacent to Ty Coch, erection of a dwelling.

Permission for erection of a dwelling at The Nook, Smelthouse Lane.

 6        MINUTES  To confirm Minutes of the meeting held on the 23rd February 2006 - attached.


8        REPORTS: as under


 9  COUNTY and BOROUGH COUNCIL REPORT.  Report from Cllr Mrs. Dilys Gaskill.      

10 LLANYMYNECH VILLAGE HALL – Request for donation towards new entrance gates, costing £896.  Carreghofa CC have already donated £500.

11       CORRESPONDENCE.  Parish Pump, Jan Snell Award, BW Open Day 6th May, SALC EGM on Saturday 22.4.06 concerning changes in Shropshire local government.


13       VILLAGE MAINTENANCE AND OTHER VILLAGE MATTERS  To raise matters requiring repair, maintenance or attention by other Agencies. 


15 FINANCIAL MATTERS AND ACCOUNTS Consideration of a Resolution to establish a pension fund to cover gratuity arrangements for Clerk.  Further to approve the following accounts for payment:

669   P Dunhill        48.00   Travel Exp LCP

670   V. E. Byrne     256.00   Travel LCP

671   Scottish Power       87.28   Lighting energy  

672   C. Oakes        48.00   Travel Exp LCP

673   Micro Plus       19.99   Flash drive LCP

674   Dawson Engineering    970.55   Hoop topped railings.

675   V & W Electrics     507.40   Feb Maint & repairs.



PC Agenda for May 2006 1
PC Agenda for May 2006 2


PC Agenda July 2006 1
PC Agenda July 2006 2


PC Agenda Sept 2006 1
PC Agenda Sept 2006 2


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SCAN0059 (2)


SCAN0060 (2)


SCAN0061 (2)
SCAN0062 (2)
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SCAN0064 (2)
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SCAN0067 (2)



Minutes of the held on the 28th September 2006 at Bryn Offa School, Pant commencing at 7.15pm

PRESENT:  Cllr Adam Brown, Chairman.  Cllrs Mrs. J. Crosier, Mrs. D. Gaskill, L. Griffiths, L. Northcott-Hammond, P. McConville, T. E. Mason, I. G. Pollitt (part meeting),  Mrs. J. L. Smith and the Clerk Mrs. V. E. Byrne .

06/85            APOLOGIES Cllr I. Pollitt late arrival.

06/86   BRYN OFFA SCHOOL.  Mr. David Purslow introduced himself and gave information on his former posts prior to taking up the Head teacher post at Bryn Offa.  He said it was his aim to raise the profile of the school, which now had 4 classes as numbers had dropped slightly and this had allowed extra space in the building.  The school now had wrap round provision from 8am to 6pm with Pandas nursery.  The after school was also open during the holidays.  Mr. Purslow acts as Secretary to the Pandas.  The strong links with the Church were welcomed by the new Head as this also helps with community links.  Building changes have taken place with the reception altered to make it more welcoming with easier access.  The infilled courtyard comprises a school library and computer training room. The school has it’s own 16 seater minibus and a vegetable garden where children learn to grow food.  Mr. Purslow then took the Council on a tour of the school.

06/87            DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST.  There were no declarations of interest.

06/88            POLICE REPORT  PC Dale gave the report for the last two months. A trailer was stolen, damage caused in the yard at Llanymynech, a car had a window smashed and the tax disc stolen and there was an attempted burglary at Willomar, but dogs scared them off.  A prolific offender of shed and outbuilding burglary in the area had been remanded.  A white van acting suspiciously had been reported by a member of the public, this had resulted in pursuit of the vehicle and ultimately two persons arrested with stolen property.  Report logged of wild bird trapping.  The PACT meetings would be started shortly and a Community Support Officer was currently in training and would be on the patch by Christmas.

06/89           PLANNING  06/14551/FUL Llwyntidmon Hall double garage, 06/14561/FUL Priory Works erection of three houses, 06/14573/FUL Hoffman Kiln restoration works were all noted without comment. Permissions had been granted for Elmhurst 06/14426, Yew Tree Cottage 06/14449, Greenfields, 06/14452, Laurel House 06/14472. Refusal of Magnolia 06/14517.

06/90           MINUTES.  Minutes of the meeting held on the 27th July were Proposed by Cllr  T. E. Mason, 2nd by The Chairman, approved and signed with all in favour.

06/91           MATTERS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES.  06/48 Footpath at The Tramway,  Pant progress was queried - this had been on the Agenda of the ROW Committee of the County Council and the Clerk was to query the outcome. 06/81 pot hole  have been repaired, but more have appeared.  06/83  Cllr Griffiths had contacted Mr. Hughes and was waiting for him to reply, but the major problem is the ball being retrieved from their roof.  The Clerk suggested the provision of a kicking wall on the field to prevent the use of the chapel walls and it was agreed to contact the Head David Purslow to enquire about a joint venture to obtain the equipment. 

           Cllr I. Pollitt joined the meeting at 8.10pm

06/81  Stoney Steps ROW had not yet been repaired - Clerk to follow up.  06/83 Fallen tree on the joint use playing field also outstanding.  06/81 Station Road canal bridge was deemed to be carried out to the correct design, but Cllr Griffiths reported that the CC were looking into the matter.

06/92  PLAY EQUIPMENT SUB-COMMITTEE  Minutes of the 14th July were noted. Arrangements for the Family Fun Day on the 30th September were reported on by the Clerk.  Mrs. Dixon had checked the insurance certificates for the providers of the climbing wall and the pony rides.  The Clerk had ascertained that the Council’s insurance covered all other aspects of the event.  The Committee had asked for £150 to be made available from the Play Equipment. Reserves in case of need to cover the event.  It was proposed by Cllr Adam Brown that £150 be available to underwrite the Family Fun Day event, 2nd by Cllr Mrs. Gaskill and voted with 10 for, none against and 1 abstention.

06/93           COUNTY AND BOROUGH COUNCIL REPORT  Cllr Mrs. Gaskill reported that Cllr David J. Lloyd had passed away the previous evening, he would be greatly missed as he had achieved a tremendous amount for the Oswestry area.

The ‘Let’s Talk’ meeting was to be held in Oswestry on 2.10.06 and report was given of the CC Parish Plan Custer Event at Llanymynech, where road safety had been of particular issue and a number of initiatives had been proposed.  The Bypass had been deemed not to be of priority in the West Midlands as reported by the Regional Transport Board.

06/94           CORRESPONDENCE  The Clerk read various items of correspondence -invitation to the SALC AGM, agreed that Cllr Mrs. Gaskill represent the Council

Letter from OBC informing of charges for elections as agreed at the OBC/PC meeting on the 13th July.  Agreed to challenge this proposal, as anyone attending the meeting would not have had the power to commit the Parish Council to such expenditure.  Further L & P PC had not been represented at the meeting as it was a rearranged date postponed from the 15th June because of the World Cup.  Fire Authority Consultation was received, Cllr Brown agreed to complete this. SPFA meeting on the 18th October was noted and apologies had been given for non attendance.

06/94           ROADS, FOOTWAYS AND RIGHTS OF WAY  Letter received from Mr & Mrs. Billington, part of the HELP group requesting updates on the Parish Plan initiatives on road safety in the Parish.  Agreed to reply with update on initiatives            and invite representatives of the HELP Bypass action group to attend a future meeting.

06/95           VILLAGE MAINTENANCE AND OTHER VILLAGE MATTERS. The dying oak tree on Llanymynech Playing Field was considered to be dangerous and the Clerk was authorised to deal with this as a matter of urgency to make the area safe by cordoning off the public and arranging for the tree to be made safe.

06/96           FINANCIAL MATTERS AND ACCOUNTS  It was proposed by Cllr Pollitt and 2nd by Cllr Keaveny, with all in favour that the following accounts be paid:

 699   Good Companions          70.00   Donation for Hall hire.

700   V & W Electrics                  322.27   Aug Maint & repairs.

701   Scottish Power               174.56  July & Aug Lighting energy

702   V. E. Byrne                     462.00   Sept Salary

703   UHY Hacker Young     293.75   Audit Fee

704   RPS Landscapes                     675.00  Grounds Maintenance.

705   PK Driveways                 390.00   Railings installation.

706  Soc. Of LC Clerks             84.00  Subscription