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4H Find Height Chimney


Calculating The Height Of The Hoffmann Kiln Chimney

The download has a diagram to explain the method of measuring the chimney height.

1) Go up the steps to the base of the Hoffmann Kiln chimney then walk above the path, as far as you can on the flat surface until you meet the kiln wall. You should still be able to see the chimney from top to bottom.

2) Use a clinometer or home made angle measurer to measure the angle you must look up to see the top of the chimney.

3) Now use a measuring tape to measure the distance from the chimney that you first walked. Mark the distance and the angle on the diagram above.

4) Next, draw a scale drawing of the sketch, with 1 cm on the plan equalling 1 metre.

5) Measure the height of the chimney on your plan in cm and convert this to metres. Finally and add on the distance from your feet to your eye level. Now you can calculate the actual height of the chimney.

6) For an even more accurate measurement, ask four friends for their results and find the average of all five results.

7) Finally, compare your results with the official height of the chimney which your teacher can find in the Background Notes For Teachers.


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