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4D Inspector's Report


The Inspector’s Report

During the 19th century, government inspectors were asked to visit factories, mines and quarries to report on the working conditions. These are the sort of questions that the inspector might have been told to ask. Imagine that you are an employee at the Llanymynech Limeworks in 1900. Can you answer the inspector’s questions?

1) Which is the most dangerous job that men do at Llanymynech?

2) I have noticed that many of the Lime Drawers who remove the quicklime from the Hoffmann Kiln have marks on their faces and hands. Can you tell me what has caused these?

3) How old have boys got to be before they can be given a job at Llanymynech?

4) The quarry men grumble that they are not always paid enough. Do you know how their pay is decided?

5) There have been a number of injuries over the years and some men have even been killed. Can you suggest ways to prevent injuries happening at Llanymynech?

Cause Of Injuries or Illnesses

Suggested Improvement

1) Falling rocks killed or injured the quarry men.


2) Blasting powder exploded in the magazine. (storage room)


3) Tramway truck ran out of control down the steep incline.


4) The tramway wheels ran over the workers’ feet.


5) Quicklime burning the wet or sweaty skin of the lime drawers.


6) Smoke and dust breathed in by the workers inside the Hoffmann Kiln.


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