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Llanymynech Limeworks Heritage Area
Educational Materials For Visiting Primary Schools

This Education Pack has been produced to support schools preparing for Key Stage Two children to visit to the Llanymynech Limeworks Heritage Area.

The Heritage Area is a fascinating location offering exciting opportunities for pupils to study the working lives of quarrymen and lime burners at the end of the Victorian era. Visitors of all ages can explore the remains of the limestone quarries that dominated life in the village, work out how the limestone was transported and burnt to produce lime, and examine the visible remains of quarries, kilns, canals, tramways and railways. They can discover the dangers and hardships of this little known aspect of local history. The highlight of their day will be to explore the Hoffman Kiln, a fascinating and unique example of industrial archaeology, recently restored using money from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

When visiting the Llanymynech Limeworks Heritage Area, a cross-curricular approach is recommended. This education pack links history, design technology, geography, mathematics and science. It is intended to support schools before, during and after their visit to the site, providing materials and ideas for both teachers and their pupils.

Teachers may book a guided visit around the site or may wish to plan their own activities. However you wish to work we recommend the following points:

    >Visit the site first to walk round the recommended routes and become fully acquainted with     the area.       

    >Produce your own Risk Assessment, bearing in mind the ages and abilities of your children. (Advice is given in the pack)

Please note that wheelchair users and children with other physical disabilities would find difficulty accessing certain paths along the recommended route although a modified tour could still prove extremely valuable. A disabled toilet is available in the Stables Education Block.


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